We Buy Antiques

We buy antiques and vintage items for our store!

If you are considering parting with antiques or vintage items, we appreciate you reaching out to us at Pat's Garage.

When selling your items:

We do require that you are at least 18 years of age and have a valid ID that we can copy and save for everyone's protection. 

It is preferable to set an appointment with us so we can focus our time with you and not have to waste any time for you and our walk-in customers.
Call us to set up an appointment time. (586) 250-4400.

Please send images of the items you are selling to our email address (info@patsgaragellc.com)


What we buy: 

  • Industrial (tools, laboratory items, lighting, signage, manufacturing related items, etc...)
  • Automotive related memorabilia: (Badges, Pins, 1980 and older License Plates, etc...)
  • Motorcycle related collectibles
  • Nautical/boating related items
  • Vintage Home goods: (Small hand kitchen tools, cast iron tools (no pots/pans), 1960s and older electronics, glassware, personal care items, ironing boards, tins)
  • Local Memorabilia (Tools, Tins, Signage)
  • Vintage Toys: (lever action, cast iron, games of skill, trains and cars, etc...)
  • Small Collectibles: (pins/buttons, military badges and accessories, lighters, and many other types of small collectibles)
  • Mid-Century wood furniture
  • Old Americana decor (not folk art)
  • If your items aren't listed here, just make sure they're not listed below in what we are not looking to buy. We're always open to new (old) things!

What we're not looking for:

  • Collectible Plates and Figurines from Bradford Exchange, Avon, or commemorative bottles and tins. etc...
  • Large home appliances
  • Toys newer than 1980
  • Currency. Silver, Gold, Coins, Stamps
  • Clothing (may consider some vintage branded apparel or jackets)

We do not appraise items. Thank you for considering Pat's Garage to sell your antiques and vintage items. We look forward to working with you!