Early American Energy Medicine

Physician's Directions for Renulife Treatments
Noble M. Eberhart, M.D., Ph.D., D.C.L.


Noble M. Eberhart, M. D.,
Ph. D., D. C. L.
Formerly Head of the Dept. Of
Physiological Therapeutics, Medical
Dept. of Loyola University. Formerly
Professor of High Frequency Current,
Illinois School of Electrotherapeutics.
Formerly Head of Dept. of Electrotherapy,
Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery.
Formerly Attending Physician Cook County
Hospital. Formerly Professor of Electrophysics,
Post Graduate Medical School, Chicago. Etc.
Manufacturer of
Renulife (Violet Ray) Generators
Copyright 1926

Special Note

    The treatments specified in the following pages were written by Dr. Noble M. Eberhart – A high authority on this subject. 
    It is important that instructions be followed literally and the course of treatment persisted in faithfully. 
    Naturally the chart does not include all diseases or symptoms in which High Frequency Electric treatments have been used. 
    For a more complete treatise on high frequency currents and their uses we refer you to 

"A Working Manual of High Frequency Currents"
by Dr. Noble M. Eberhart

    Handsomely bound, 320 pages, with over 60 pages of illustrations. Price $4.00 each – postage 10 cents. 
    You may order this book through Renulife Electric Co., if you desire. 

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Renulife Treatments Remove the Cause of Disorders

    Due to the primary action of Renulife (violet ray) Health Generators increasing circulation, charging the blood with health-giving oxygen and nutrition – not only the symptoms of the disease in the forms of aches and pains are relieved, but the cause is removed.
    Increased circulation dissolves and carries away poison and inflammation; increased oxygen and nutrition build up and restore functions to normal.

Where Headaches Occur
Headaches at A or B are congestive or frontal eye trouble; or frontal sinus or nasal disease may cause the ache at A. Also such pain may come from disordered stomach. A-B from constipation; C from anemia or bladder disease; D-E from disorders of middle ear, or of throat, eyes or teeth; E from nervousness, spinal irritation or female trouble.
headache diagram
Location of Vital Organs
Renulife Applied at These Vital
Seats is a Most Effective Agent in
Restoring Normal Functioning
Treating at Nerve Centers
Showing spinal nerve centers of various
organs of the human body

    In the spine are centered nerves radiating to every part of the body. This is roughly shown in the accompanying illustration.
    Chiropractors treat entirely upon the spine to relieve ailments in any part of the body. We have found also that Renulife treatments on the spine are very beneficial in addition to regular local treatments; for instance, if indigestion is present, in addition to the direct treatment of the stomach region, there should be a thorough going over the middle back at the point marked 4 on the accompanying chart, or if headache is to be treated, as well as going over the forehead or the place where the pain is, treatment should be taken at the base of the skull just where the nerves to the head and neck connect with the spine. This treatment brings nutrition and nourishment to the nerves and helps them to alleviate the trouble. In like manner the proper nerve center should be treated for any ailment, as well as local application. This indirect application will prove of much benefit in treating organic disorders.
    In all nervous trouble, including nervous breakdown, neurasthenia, insomnia, nervous debility, neuritis, etc., and also for building up the body generally, treatment should be taken particularly well over the entire length of the spine.
    Where a quieting or sedative effect is desired, treatment should be in direct contact with the body with a medium current; where a stimulating current is desired, or where it is necessary to eliminate pain, sparks should be applied or treatment taken through medium thick clothing with a medium strength current.

Instructions for Operating Renulife Violet Ray Health Generators

    Connect plug of Generator in an electric light socket. It can be used with either direct or alternating current. Turn on the switch at the light socket. Insert Electrode in hard rubber handle at the end of the cord. Turn the Adjustment Knob on the top plate of the Generator to the right, or clockwise, until the vibrator spring starts to operate. The farther you turn on the knob the greater the strength of the current.
    Should the current not come through the electrode immediately hold the electrode in the hand for a short time to warm it up.
    To shut off current turn Adjustment Knob to the left until the vibration ceases. The Adjustment Knob is not a switch – it does not shut off the electric current, but simply regulates the amount of current delivered by the Generator. As soon as through using, therefore, turn off the switch at the lamp socket.


    Should the Generator stop while the current is still switched on, be sure to turn off the electric light switch before commencing to adjust the controlling knob, or you may damage the Generator.


    To get maximum strength from the electrodes always hold the end of the handle nearest the cord. If you hold the hand near the tip of the rubber handle you lose efficiency.

Remember These

  • Always insert electrode with a straight push. Do not twist. Remove with a straight pull. Do not twist, either when inserting or removing.
  • Never use the Generator when in a bath tub or when grounded by means of a radiator, electric fixture, water pipe and so on.
  • Never use the Generator on the scalp when hair has been treated with a tonic containing more than 40 per cent alcohol or other inflammable substance. The spark may set it afire.
  • Do not oil the Generator under any circumstances. It needs NO oil.

    Should the generator get out of order, send it to the factory for repair. We will not be responsible for instruments that have been tampered with either by the purchaser or others.

No Sparks from Electrodes

    Should an electrode at any time not give off a spark when the Generator is operating the fault is with the electrode. This is caused by air getting into the electrode, and destroying the vacuum. It may even be cracked, though the crack may be so small as not to be visible.
    We suggest that you write us at once saying exactly what is wrong. This may avoid the necessity of returning the Generator to us for repair.
    All electrodes are made of glass and are vacuum tubes, and while we exercise great care in their manufacture we cannot guarantee them definitely for a specific period. You will find however, that Renulife electrodes are unusually well made and very durable.

Powder the Body

    To allow free movement of electrodes over the body apply talcum powder over the surface of the body to be treated or spread over it a thin cloth.

How to Operate Renulife Ozone Generator No. 25

    These Generators are packed with nose piece attached. You will notice a small glass piece, like a funnel, which is for inhalations through the mouth.
    The nose piece may be removed from rubber coupling and the mouthpiece inserted in its place. Place the rubber bulb on the glass tip at the lower part of the barrel of the Generator.
    Place one teaspoonful of Pine Needle Oil in the upper chamber, by detaching the nose piece and using funnel. This quantity of oil will last for a considerable period.
    Then insert the stem of the Ozone Generator in the handle of the Violet Ray Generator, same as any other electrode. Hold the barrel chamber of the Ozone Generator firmly in left hand. Do not hold by the black handle. When holding by the glass barrel it causes sparks to jump from the inner vacuum to the outer wall – thus creating the ozone. Turn on the current, and work the bulb with the right hand.
    This forces the ozone into the upper chamber, where it is filtered through the oil. A pleasing, purifying, powerful healing agency is the result.

General Suggestions

    Follow these directions carefully-and regularly. Do not slight the treatments where a course of treatment is recommended, but persist in regular use exactly as directed.
    One single application of Renulife violet ray Health Generator Treatment, while it may give relief, should not be expected to prodnee a permanent cure.

Care of Electrodes

    While the Renulife High Frequency current is in itself germicidal, still certain rules of cleanliness and asepsis must be followed. It is necessary to cleanse the electrodes and where the s a in e electrode is used on different patients, it is also necessary that it should be sterilized. For this purpose, it should be kept immersed when not in use in a jar containing a solution of carbolic acid or lysol of a strength of two ounces of the carbolic or lysol to a pint of water. Before using rinse off the solution in hot water and wipe dry.
    When the surface of the body is being treated, the electrode should be kept moving back and forth. If the directions call for contact keep the electrode in direct contact with the body. Where loose contact is specified, keep the electrode just barely touching the skin – or wrap the electrode in a handkerchief or a piece of chamois or linen.
    When an electrode is used in an orifice of the body such as the vagina or the rectum, it should be lubricated with vaseline or other unguent.
    When one-fourth inch spark is specified, turn the adjustment knob on the generator so that the electrode will throw sparks when held one-quarter inch away from the body -and no farther.
    When one-half inch Spark is directed adjust the knob so that the sparks are thrown off the electrode when held one-half inch away from the body – and no farther.

Strength of Current

    A mild current is when the Generator is just operating, and a strong current is when the adjustment knob is screwed in completely.
    A medium current, is when the adjustment knob is screwed in about half way. In all cases use a current which is tolerable. Stronger currents can be used after first few treatments.

Internal Treatments

    Never insert or remove an Electrode from an orifice in the body while the current is turned on.

Directions for Treatment

    To arrest growth of abscesses, use electrode No. 1 in contact with the surface of the body over the part affected and the surrounding area, using a strong current for from seven to ten minutes, twice daily. Use enough current to get the effect of the heat generated.

    Use electrode No. 1 in loose contact and with a medium current over the affected surface for from seven to ten minutes. A daily treatment is desirable but every other day will suffice. Where large pustules exist, use electrode No. 14 and apply three or four sharp sparks to each pustule. The strength of current is always regulated according to the toleration of the patient.

    Where adhesions follow operations, or inflammatory conditions, use electrode No. 1 with a strong current, keeping the tube in light contact, passing back and forth over the area involved, for from seven to ten minutes. Twice a day would be advisable but daily or every other day will suffice. Keep the treatment up for a long time.

Furnunculosis (See Boils)

    The same treatment may be used as given under (Anus, Fissure of). A cure should not be expected.

Frost Bites
    Use electrode No. 1 with short sparks. Hold about one-quarter inch from the body with a medium current. Treat hourly for from three to five minutes each treatment.

    Treat around and on the goitre with electrode No. 1 or No. 4 in contact using a strong current for five minutes daily. After this treatment, raise the electrode about one-quarter inch and treat directly on the goitre with a sharp spark until the surface reddens. If satisfactory results are going to follow, evidence will be seen after fifteen or twenty treatments.

    Use electrode No. 1 with a medium current and light contact over the affected parts at first treating twice a day for five to seven minutes. Then gradually increase the strength of the current and the length of the treatment. It is frequently found that the first treatment will aggravate the pain but the patient should not be discouraged. This is why the first application is milder than the subsequent ones. The current when persistently used over a long period of time will frequently also cause the absorption of gouty deposits about the joints.

Gray Hair
    Use electrode No. 2 keeping it in constant motion over the scalp with a medium current. At first five to seven minutes will be sufficient. It should be used daily or twice a day if possible. If too strong a current is used on the scalp it will cause headache from the determination of too much blood or if too sharp a spark is used little tiny sore places may be produced. The treatment of gray hair calls for great persistency. In cases where it is due to poor circulation or where it is due to bacteria in the roots of the hair, success will surely attend persistent treatment. There have been many successful cases treated where it required six, twelve or even eighteen months of steady use. An occasional case will not give results even with long treatments. (See Manual).

    In connection with the usual remedies, the inhalation of ozone from the Ozone Generator two or three times a day, ten minutes each treatment, will be found particularly valuable in the treatment of grippe. In addition use electrode No. 1 with medium to strong current over the eyes, forehead, sides of nose, spine and abdominal areas. Where the nose is discharging profusely, a small electrode (No. 21) may be used for two or three minutes in each nostril.

    Use medium to strong current with either electrode No. 1 or No. 4 for five to ten minutes over the front and sides of the throat, especially using it along the sides over the pneumogastric nerve. This treatment may be repeated every two or three hours in acute cases with great benefit. In chronic cases, daily or every other day will be sufficient.

Hay Fever
    Use electrode No. 21 in the nose passing it in one nostril and then the other for from three to five minutes each with a mild to medium current according to the toleration of the patient. The electrode is inserted as far as it may be conveniently and the current should be turned off before it is inserted and also again before it is removed. During the acute attack, a treatment every two or three hours followed by ozone inhalations for ten minutes from the Ozone Generator is the ideal treatment. A similar treatment used daily for two weeks before the expected attack will very often avert the attack or make it much milder.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
    The treatment for high blood pressure is outlined under arterio-sclerosis. The principle involved in using the Renulife High Frequency Generator is to treat over the whole body area to bring the blood to the surface. Many of these cases require treatment with the method known as auto-condensation. (See Manual).

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)
    In low blood pressure, the spine is treated using electrode No. 1 or No. 15 and using as sharp a spark as may be tolerated. The sparks are passed up and down the spine for five to ten minutes treating on either side of the bony projection of the spinous processes. Stimulation of the sympathetic and spinal centers in this manner causes elevation of the blood pressure.

    In treating headaches which are of a congestive character, one may always expect successful results. In those which are of toxic origin the success will depend upon the discovery of the cause but even in those cases, relief will follow local treatment. Electrode No. 1 with a medium to strong current in loose contact over the back of the head and neck for three or four minutes then over the spot where the pain is located. Keep the electrode moving back and forth over this spot for five to ten minutes or even a little longer until relief is obtained. In the Manual and in this booklet on page 3 will be found a chart showing the location where pain is found and the causes which produce pain at that point.

Heart Disease
    The treatment in heart disease is given according to the indication shown by the blood pressure. When the blood pressure is high, treatment over the whole body surface is called for or auto-condensation (See Manual). If it is low, apply sharp sparks up and down the spine. In both cases, an application over the solar plexus and over the heart area itself is usually indicated.

Hemorrhoids (Piles)
    When piles become very much inflamed, the soreness and inflammation may be removed by treating with the rectal electrode (No. 7) the same carefully lubricated and inserted while the current is turned off and then the treatment given for seven to ten minutes when the current is again turned off before the electrode is removed. Still further relief is given by the application of mechanical vibration ever the hemorrhoids. In some cases where great sensitiveness exists the vibration will have to be given first in order to allay pain sufficient for the introduction of the electrode. This treatment of course does not cure hemorrhoids but takes away the pain and soreness. With No. 14 fulguration electrode hemorrhoids may be destroyed.

Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
    This annoying and sometimes serious disease is greatly benefited by the use of the high frequency current. Use enough current to obtain a one-fourth to one-half inch spark applying the electrode in loose contact over the surface or through a layer or two of gauze. Treat over the eruptions for five to seven or even ten minutes also treating over the spine to reach the origin of the nerves supplying the affected surface. Two or three times a day is desirable. Also ozone inhalation

Hives and Rashes
    Use electrode No. 1 over the entire surface affected employing a medium current in loose contact. Treat for five or ten minutes daily or even two or three times a day. If there is great itching, hold the electrode far enough from the skin to get a fairly sharp spark which will give immediate relief or treat through a layer or two of gauze or linen.

Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
    Treat with electrode No. 1 using a medium current over the back of the head and neck for five minutes and then five or ten minutes more over the eye-brows. Aggravated cases may require auto-condensation. (See Manual). If the treatment can be given before retiring so much the better.

    This annoying symptom may be relieved by using a strong current with electrode No. 1 held one-half inch above the surface so that a shower of sharp sparks strike the itching parts. After this treatment, which should be continued for about one-half minute, use a mild current with the electrode directly in contact for two minutes. Relief is generally immediate although very often only temporary.

Infantile Paralysis (Anterior Poliomyelitis)
    Use electrode No. 1 applying it daily or twice a day with sharp stimulating sparks over the spine and over all of the paralyzed muscles. Use a spark one-fourth to one-half inch in length. In connection with High Frequency, interrupted galvanism and vibration are of great value.

Influenza (See Grippe)

    Use the method given under Dyspepsia.

    Treat through the closed eye-lid with medium spark for five minutes daily. Also with the eye electrode in contact with the closed lid, allow the current to pass for five to ten minutes. Many cases have been recorded where adhesions of the iris were broken up by the use of the High Frequency current

    Give the same general treatment as outlined under Hoarseness.

    Follow the instructions given under Cervicitis.

Lithimia (See Gout)

    Treat with electrode No. 1 through one-half inch clothing with as strong a current as patient can stand. Treat over small of back and have patient assume different positions until he or she can feel comfortable in any position. One treatment is generally sufficient to stop the pain and a cure may reasonably be expected with continued treatments.

Lupus (Tuberculosis of the Skin)
    Treat over the surface with as sharp a spark as the patient will tolerate and with the electrode raised away from the surface. Use it three to five minutes or longer. Another method is to use the fulguration electrode No. 14 and thoroughly burn the surface. After fulgurating, wait ten to twelve days and then repeat if necessary.

    Let patient hold metal electrode No. 3 in the hands. Then turn on strong current. Massage in the usual way. Masseur will draw spark to the point desired. Always turn off current before removing electrode from patient's hand. Patient should not be in contact with any grounded object or metal.

    Mild application of sparks through thin clothing along the spine to the back of the head and neck and over the abdominal region, taking fifteen to twenty minutes for the treatments daily.

Moles and Moth Patches
    Treat with electrode No. 14 to fulgurate all moles and patches raised above the surface of the skin. Burn them sufficiently to get penetration to the skin level, then wait seven or eight days until resulting scab falls off when further treatment may be applied if necessary. When the skin is discolored but the surface is not elevated, it is usually useless to attempt to treat by fulguration as it is impossible to burn deep enough to destroy pigmented areas without leaving a pit. Occasionally these cases are benefited with No. 1 electrode using a good strong current for five minutes.

    Treat over swollen gland with electrode No. 4 in light contact or with electrode No. 1 employing medium to strong current and treating for five to seven minutes three times a day. Great relief is usually obtained.

Nervous Diseases
    Use general treatment over the spine, back and sides of neck and over the eye-brows for ten minutes with electrode No. 1 keeping it in loose contact and employing a medium current. Also hold metal electrode No. 3 in the hand for ten minutes, with a medium or strong current. Great benefit comes from the use of ozone inhalations from the Ozone Generator. This should be given for five to ten minutes each day.

    Use electrode No. 1 over the painful area and use as sharp a spark as the patient can stand for from five to ten minutes, Treat daily or even twice a day. A convenient way is to treat through the under clothing or through a layer or two of gauze or linen. Relief should follow treatment in practically every case.

    Treat over the painful area starting with a mild current and treating for from three to five minutes a day or twice a day. Explain to the patient that such treatment sometimes aggravates the pain at first as the nerves are so inflamed. After a few treatments, increase the strength of the current and the length of time up to about ten minutes. It is well at this time to raise the electrode away from the surface treating through a thin layer of gauze or cloth. The High Frequency current has proven especially satisfactory in neuritis when persistently and intelligently used.

    Treat with electrode No. 1 using as strong a current as the patient will stand over the paralyzed muscles and also up and down the spine. Be sure to treat only the paralyzed muscles Two treatments a day are advisable, the duration of same being ten to fifteen minutes.

Piles (See Hemorrhoids)

Pimples (See Acne)

Poison Ivy
    Use electrode No. 1 with fairly sharp spark over the eruptions for three to five minutes three times daily.

    Use electrode No. 1 treating over the chest and back with fairly strong current. Keep the treatment up until the skin reddens showing the determination of blood to the surface. Use it twice or three times a day in the early stages in connection with other medical methods. In chronic forms, it is usually necessary to employ ozone inhalations and then to have X-Ray treatment.

Post Fracture Conditions
    Use a medium current over the affected area for five to seven minutes twice a day. This will greatly aid in restoring normal conditions and in relieving stiffness and soreness.

Post Operative Conditions
    Treat as in the case of Post Fracture conditions over the area where operation has been performed or combine this with general treatment up and down the spine and over abdominal organs. In other words, a general tonic treatment.

Pruritis (See Itching)

Prostatic Diseases
    Use electrode No. 7 with medium to strong current employing it through the rectum to reach prostate for an average of seven minutes. It may be used daily or twice a day in urgent cases. Be sure to turn the current off before electrode is inserted and again before removing it.

    Use medium to sharp spark over all of the eruptions, total time required will depend upon the amount of tissue treated. Daily treatments are best and electrode No. 1 is employed. Most cases respond to the treatment but it does not prevent recurrences.

    Electrode No. 44 is employed and is held directly in contact with the gums. The current is turned on very mild and the treatment is employed all over the gums around the affected teeth. Treatments daily or twice a day. If the electrode is allowed to get to the tip of a live tooth, it will cause considerable pain as this method is one which is employed to distinguish between live and dead teeth. Keep the electrode as much as possible over the gums alone.

Rectal Diseases
    Use same technique as in Prostatic Diseases.

    The High Frequency is employed in acute muscular rheumatism and the chronic articular form. In the acute articular form it is of comparatively little value. Electrode No. 1 is employed and the treatment may be given directly over the skin with strong current (according to patient's toleration) and treat until surface becomes thoroughly reddened. Treatments art preferably given every day and cover the whole affected area. Renulife High Frequency Liniment should be applied over surface before treating.

Ring Worm
    Use a sharp spark with electrode No. 1 over the area for five to eight minutes daily. Hold electrode far enough away from the surface to get good sharp spark.

    In treating scars, it is necessary to use a strong current and a sharp spark over the area four or five minutes daily. The idea is to destroy tissue by what amounts to a mild fulguration. The treatment may have to be continued over a considerable length of time and will not always be successful.

    Use electrode No. 1 with a current strong enough to produce a spark of at least half an inch, but keep the electrode for most of the time in contact with the skin. Treat over the lower part of the spine first and then along the course of the nerve, raising the electrode occasionally to get the effect of the spark. Treatment may be given daily or twice a day for five to fifteen minutes. Do not treat too long or too severely at first.

    Same treatment as outlined under Dandruff.

Sinusitis (Frontal)
    When the frontal sinuses become inflamed or infected, great relief has followed the use of electrode No. 1 with a medium current, in light contact over forehead and eyebrows.

Skin Diseases
    Electrode No. 1 is employed ever the area affected, with usually a medium strength current for about five to eight minutes daily. It is desirable in many cases to spread a layer or two of gauze over the surface so that the electrode will not stick to the surface. The same result way be obtained by tying a handkerchief over the electrode.

Sore Feet
    Use the High Frequency Liniment first and then with electrode No. 1 and a strong current treat thoroughly for from five to ten minutes, two or three times a day.

Sore Throat
    Use the same technique as that given for Hoarseness.

    Where the High Frequency is used immediately a strong current is employed with electrode No. 1 in direct contact with the surface. Use it ten minutes every two or three hours. The High Frequency Liniment should be applied first. In old cases raise the electrode to get sharp stimulating sparks.

    See Barber's Itch.

    Treat as outlined under Hoarseness, giving especial attention to the skin surface corresponding to the tonsils.

Tinnitus Aurium (Ringing in the Ears)
    Treat in and around the ear as directed under Deafness.

    Some relief may be obtained by the use of the High Frequency in tuberculosis, especially from sparks up and down the spine. The blood pressure being low, this is indicated instead of treatment over the general surface of the body. Real benefit follows the use of ozone inhalations from the Ozone Generator, using it every three to six hours, for from three to six minutes. All of this in connection with physician's usual treatment.

Uterine Diseases
    Use vaginal electrode for seven minutes daily or every other day. Lubricate first and have current turned off before inserting and again before removing electrode.

    Use fulguration electrode No. 14 with a quarter inch spark and cauterize thoroughly so that the wart is burned a brown or brownish-white color. Then let it alone for seven or eight days until it peels off. If not entirely removed, repeat the treatment. The same method is used in various small growths.

Wry Neck
    Treat back of the ears and down the back and sides of the neck with electrode No. 1 using a strong current and holding electrode directly in contact. After continuing the treatment for five minutes, raise the electrode and pat the surface treated for five minutes.

Writers' Cramp
    Apply electrode No. 1 from the finger tips to the shoulder and upper spine, using a strong current with a sharp spark for five minutes twice daily.